Budbuddy AI


Q4 2023 ✅ Website V.1 Demo Live ✅ Beta Chatbot Live ✅ Release the First Version of the Whitepaper ✅ Establish Initial Brand Identity ✅ Launch Twitter ✅ Launch Discord Channels ✅ Launch Mirror.XYZ ✅ Add One Industry Advisor to the Founding Team ✅ Local Cannabis Magazine PR and Interviews ✅ Release Tokenomics, Token Burn and Token Vesting Details ✅ Release Stoned Twitter Automated AI Bot ✅ Attend 3 Key Cannabis Industry Expos and Events for Exposure ✅ First Cannabis Brand Partnership 🕒 Assemble the core team with AI, WEB3 and community building capabilities.
Q1 2024 🕒 Online Merch Store and Giveaways 🕒 Global PR Campaign with the Entire Team 🕒 Host BudBuddy Themed Events with High-profile Cannabis Advocates 🕒 Launch Exclusive Brand Partnership Campaigns on Social Media Channels 🕒 Cross the 1K Followers Mark on Twitter 🕒 Launch the First Virtual CoffeeShop in Metaverse 🕒 Begin Development of BudBuddy Games 🕒 Release BudBuddy AI v1.0 with Enhanced Features 🕒 Partner with Influential Twitter and Reddit Communities for AMA sessions 🕒 Local Partnerships for Product Integration 🕒 Partner with Cannabis-Centric Micro-influencers for Product Endorsements 🕒 Assemble AI, Blockchain and Legal Teams to start working on our WEB3 Products 🕒 Begin Development of BudBuddy's Blockchain Infrastructure 🕒 Release Initial Branded and BudBuddy NFTs Collection 🕒 Release 1 AI Business Tool Beta 🕒 Release 1 Stoner Game Beta 🕒 Start Organizing WEB3 and Merch Giveaways 🕒 Start Building the Development & Engineering, Growth Hacking and Expansion Teams 🕒 Close the First Investment Round
Q2 2024 🕒 Close Equity Fundraising Round 🕒 Launch BudBuddy WEB3 Games and Merchandises 🕒 Expand Social Media Strategy with Regular Live Q&A Sessions on Twitter and Reddit 🕒 Announce High-profile Brand Partnerships and Launch Co-branded NFTs 🕒 Attend Major Global Cannabis Expos and Tech Conferences 🕒 Cross the 10K Followers Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn
Q3 2024 🕒 Complete Beta Version of Blockchain Infrastructure and Begin Testing 🕒 Host a Global Virtual Event Announcing Blockchain Launch with Celebrity Appearances 🕒 Cross the 25k Followers Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn 🕒 Announce Partnership with Major Global Cannabis Brands 🕒 Release BudBuddy AI v2.0 with Blockchain Integration Features
Q4 2024 🕒 Official Launch of BudBuddy's Blockchain Infrastructure 🕒 Unveil New Set of Celebrity-Endorsed Branded NFTs 🕒 Partner with Major Cannabis Events for Exclusive BudBuddy AI Sessions and Workshops 🕒 Cross the 40K Followers Mark on Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit 🕒 Release BudBuddy AI v3.0 with Advanced AI and Blockchain Features
Q1 2025 🕒 Begin Second Equity Fundraising Round for Further Ecosystem Expansion 🕒 Launch BudBuddy Podcast Series with High-profile Guests from the Cannabis and Tech Industry 🕒 Collaborate with Global Cannabis Brands for Year-end Giveaways and Contests 🕒 Cross the 100k Followers Mark on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit 🕒 Release BudBuddy AI with New Interactive Gaming Features 🕒 Sign Contact with 3 Global Cannabis Brands